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7 April 1977
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What do you want to know? My real name is Emily Suzanne Watson. I am 31 years old and live in Seattle, WA. I am five foot, two inches, and weigh around 170lbs. I have brown hair with green eyes and a ton of freckles. I have six tattoos. I live in First Hill with my husband, Bryan. I hike a lot.

I'm a Baby VOX and BABYVOX Re.v freak. I love anything and everything about them. My website is one of the main English websites out there and has over 6000 pictures and counting of the band. I have a ton of videos, if you want one, IM me and I can get it to you.

My favorite color is light blue and then orange. I love cats, bunnies, squirrels, fish and greenstuff. My favorite english speaking band are the Barenaked Ladies and I hope to see them before I die. I drink occasionaly. I really enjoy being online, making webpages, anime and chatting. I like a lot of others things and have been told I'm complicated. But, I suppose if you want to get in deeper, it's at your own risk.